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Mirrors That Reflect Your Taste

Mirrors aren't just designed to help you check your appearance. Many people use them to complement their home and office décor. In fact, mirrors can make a room look larger with the illusion of depth. Dress up your rooms with custom wall mirrors from All American Glass in Chicago.

Man Cleaning a Mirror

The Ideal Image for Your Space

Whether your project is redecorating or remodeling, a big mirror will enhance the space. We specialize in creating custom wall mirrors in whatever design you request. If you want a mirror that offers a dramatic effect, we will make you a mirror that includes a hole for a light fixture.

Mirrors are frameless and can either measure 4x6 or 4x8, so they're the perfect size for most walls. We will accessorize your mirror with an aluminum frame if you prefer. Because our designs include mirror mastic, they are easy to attach to your wall. When you want to remove a wall mirror, we do it without damaging the wall underneath.